02 квітня 2013

Шановні викладачі. аспіранти та студенти, є прозиція зі Словаччини

Andreas Umland надіслав інформацію від Барбори Боднарової 

Dear students and colleagues, I just received this request from barbora.bodnarova@sciences-po.org

I am addressing you as responsible for Partnership in Central and Eastern Europe for Duel Amical. Duel Amical is international project created by students’ initiative at Sciences Po Paris. The main goal of the Association is to engage nationals of different countries to exchange opinions on their internal events with an international public. More precise information about Duel Amical can be found here attached (project description) and on the website: http://www.duelamical.eu/.
We (Duel Amical team) are interested and planning to introduce a Ukrainian section where the events from our Ukraine will be discussed. We are thus interested to have partners from Ukraine. Those should be in preference student societies, associations or debating clubs valuing open debate and discussion about current political happenings, interested in cooperating with us.
Do you think that there would be any student societies of this type in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, or in another University? If so, would you have any contact on any of its members? Also, would you mind telling about our initiative to your students? I think that students and population should be interested in participating in a project of this type. Our initiative falls under goal of connecting our countries through dialogue and exchange of opinion and we would greatly appreciate if you could in this way support this initiative and help us to connect with our peers from the other European countries!
I strongly encourage you to look at the additional information attached and at the website to get a better picture about this project and if, after reading this you find this initiative interesting and you think that your students, friend or colleagues at Universities would be interested in participating in this project please do not hesitate to contact me.
With kind regards,
Barbora Bodnarova
Partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe